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Aesthetic cosmetology abroad

Modern cosmetology combines several medical areas - dermatology, rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy, and orthopedics, and is part of aesthetic medicine. Plastic surgery is considered a related specialty. But the difference between them is obvious. The cosmetology industry eliminates the appearance defects with the help of conservative methods, whereas plastic surgery corrects physiological problems with operational methods. Cosmetology is not limited to facial treatments, the scope of its application is the whole body as well.


Currently, medical cosmetology is an extremely popular area. This is due to the cult of youth, beauty and health in modern society.

At the disposal of cosmetology there are many methods, in particular:

Apparatus cosmetology (devices are used to act on integumentary tissues by physiotherapeutic methods):

In aesthetic cosmetology, devices are used that can solve the following tasks:

And many others.


All these modern procedures of cosmetology can slow down the aging process and level the effects of adverse external and internal factors that affect the appearance.

When it is necessary to use a hardware cosmetology:

Modern foreign cosmetology clinics offer their patients improved appearance while preserving their inherent personality, combining safe, effective procedures with general healing, including balneological procedures in cosmetology programs.