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Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process of restoring health, eliminating the consequences of an illness, surgery, trauma, etc. The word «rehabilitation» literally means «bring yourself into shape».


Physiotherapy is one of the types of «rehabilitation», which is usually part of the patient’s recovery program.


In the process of rehabilitation, physiotherapists who have undergone special training in physical medicine use various methods of treatment, physical exercises and procedures that effectively and efficiently normalize damaged parts of the body. For each patient, a specialist develops an individual rehabilitation scheme, trying to find the best way to overcome the consequences of injuries, diseases, acute and chronic conditions.


Starting with sports injuries and ending with rehabilitation after a stroke, the goal of the physiotherapist is to use a comprehensive approach to put a person on his feet, to return to a more active, healthy lifestyle.

Physiotherapy is used in the following cases:

And others.

Rehabilitation techniques:

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