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The spine is a vital element of the human skeleton, responsible for free and painless movement. Anyone who suffers from pain or a limited range of movements associated with problems in the spine should seek help from a surgeon who can offer a specific treatment or operation.

Reconstructive surgery

Spinal reconstruction surgery is a specialized form of surgery performed exclusively by trained surgeons with extensive knowledge of disorders and conditions associated with the spine and spinal cord. Over the years, spinal reconstruction techniques have been improved, and now include the use of the most modern technologies. Typically, patients with severe deformity or displacement of the spine require a complex operation to reconstruct the spine, including the correction of anomalous curvature and stabilization of the spine in a new form.


Often a patient with a spinal disorder experiences pain, numbness, loss of strength, or a feeling of pins and needles in the affected or surrounding area. X-ray and / or computed tomography may be useful in identifying the source and severity of the disorder.


Indications for reconstructive spinal surgery can be spinal injury or infection, congenital anomalies associated with scoliosis, the presence of metastatic or primary tumors, vascular malformation, pain in the axial skeleton, etc. Surgical intervention is considered only after unsuccessful attempts at conservative treatment.

Spinal surgery

Spinal surgery usually involves spinal fusion surgery. Spinal fusion involves removing an intervertebral disc between two affected vertebrae and tying the vertebrae together. Vertebral fusion eliminates movement and reduces pain.


The recovery period after spinal surgery for each person takes place at an individual pace, with its own characteristics. The duration of healing mainly depends on the type of treatment and the patient's state of health. For best results, follow the instructions of the surgeon.

Spinal problems:

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Some of the most common treatments for spinal disorders are: