Interventional Neuroradiology

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Interventional neuroradiology (endovascular neurosurgery) abroad

Interventional neuroradiology, also known as endovascular neurosurgery (specialization in neurosurgery), offers minimally invasive treatment of diseases of the brain, neck and spine using small catheters (soft plastic tubes) that are introduced into the body through tiny skin incisions. Surgeons in their work use catheters and radiology.


For the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in endovascular neurosurgery, instruments that pass through blood vessels are used. The surgeon often uses x-ray images to better see and control the part of the body involved in the procedure.


This type of procedure is called «minimally invasive». This is due to the fact that they usually need only a small incision, a larger incision necessary only for an open operation.

Types of procedures that endovascular neurosurgery specialists perform: