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Cardiac surgery is a section of surgery dedicated to the problems of the heart and main blood vessels.


In some countries, heart surgery is called cardiothoracic surgery (from the Greek. Thorax - breast). This mean, that this area of medicine, which is located at the intersection of surgery and cardiology and is very closely connected with vascular surgery. Diseases that often require intervention by cardiovascular surgery include coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and atherosclerosis.


The cardiac surgeon is studying the structure, function, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, examines the causes of their occurrence, development mechanisms, clinical manifestations, makes the final diagnosis.


Within the competence of a specialist is to choose the necessary methods of treatment, prescribe prophylactic procedures to the patient, conduct medical rehabilitation of patients with lesions of the cardiovascular system.

The heart surgeon conducts surgical treatment of diseases of the heart and its vessels in the case when drug treatment does not give effective results. The doctor carries out all the necessary research and manipulations in order to clarify the diagnosis and the scope of the forthcoming surgical intervention.

What examinations are prescribed by a heart surgeon:

Types of operations in cardiac surgery:


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