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Clinical laboratory diagnosis abroad

Clinical research is an integral part of modern medicine. Without a serious laboratory diagnosis, it is almost impossible for a doctor to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe an actual treatment.


This is due to the fact that in most cases the clinical symptoms do not reflect the full picture of the disease.


The test results show the doctor the true state of affairs in the patient's body, confirm or complement his assumptions about the patient's condition.


Thanks to the latest high-tech equipment and reagents, modern laboratory diagnostics provides the highest quality and informative data on human health.


The clinics offer their patients numerous and diverse laboratory diagnostic methods that are constantly expanding.


One of the most common and important services in the laboratory diagnostics segment is a blood test that helps to determine the slightest changes in a person’s general condition, the functional characteristics of most of his organs and systems, and disease markers.


The doctor assigns laboratory tests for the diagnosis, control or monitoring of the patient's condition. This may be one or two analyses or a complex of studies, it’s all depends on the individual characteristics of the course of the disease.


Basic laboratory research methods

A variety of tests depends on the type of tissue sampling for research. This days these types stand out:

Laboratory and instrumental studies

Laboratory and instrumental examinations are a set of analysis methods and tools intended for the diagnosis of various diseases. The choice of the method and instrument of analysis depends on the purpose of the study.


Based on this emit:

The more comprehensive the research, the more accurate the diagnosis of the disease and the shorter the duration of its treatment.



The laboratories presents a wide range of research, both common and rare.