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Mammology - research and treatment of breast diseases abroad

Mammology is a medical field that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases of the mammary glands, both in women and men: mastopathy, fibroadenoma, cyst, lactostasis, mastitis, breast cancer and others.


A mammologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats tumour, dishormonal inflammatory processes in the mammary gland, controls relapses and rehabilitates, carries out prophylaxis.

The main task of the specialist - to prevent breast cancer.

The doctor is involved in puncturing, aspiration treatment techniques, radiation and chemotherapy, laser correction, the use of sclerosing, hormonal preparations, monoclonal antibodies. Carries out physiotherapeutic procedures associated with improving the blood supply to the body during lactation, charts hormonal therapy, etc.

The most common diseases:

Studies to diagnose breast disease:

Breast surgeons perform a wide range of surgical interventions for pre tumor diseases, benign and malignant tumours of the breast:


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