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General surgery is a specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases that occur in the upper body and abdomen, such as the esophagus, intestines, chest, endocrine system, and many others.


General surgeon - a doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of various conditions and diseases that may require surgical treatment.


Despite the term «general», surgeons who practice general surgery are highly skilled surgeons who usually operate on common complaints of the abdominal cavity, including appendicitis, hernia, gall bladder surgery, problems with the stomach and intestines. General surgeons may specialize in operations such as cancer or burn treatments that require the surgeon to perform procedures on several areas of the body.


The surgeon performs a comprehensive examination, examines the medical history, conducts a detailed medical examination and makes a diagnosis based on the data obtained. Next, the surgeon develops a treatment plan specific to the patient. For example, a patient with a vascular disease may require special attention to possible complications during surgery.

The general surgeon has specialized knowledge and experience related to the diagnosis, preoperative, surgical and postoperative treatment of human systems and organs, such as:

Thanks to modern high-tech tools and advanced technologies, procedures such as abdominal or heart surgery are now replaced by minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques that often reduce pain, cost, and recovery period without sacrificing good results.

Many surgical procedures are performed on an outpatient basis. Patients are sent home within a few hours after surgery. This methods offers less pain and discomfort for patients.



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