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Infertility is the inability of a couple to naturally conceive a child. In medicine, a marriage is considered to be barren, in which pregnancy does not occur after one year of life of the spouses without the use of contraception.


It is believed that with a normal ability to conceive a pair, two sexual contacts a week without protection are enough for the pregnancy to occur within six months.


Infertility is primary when there is not a single pregnancy in a woman living a regular sex life, and a secondary one when the pregnancy was in the past, but after that the woman cannot become pregnant for a year with regular sexual life without protection. In addition, absolute and infertility are distinguished. Absolute barren is observed when a woman has no uterus, ovaries (with congenital malformations or after surgery). With relative infertility, a woman can become pregnant after treatment.


Infertility issues are handled by a fertility doctor. This specialist solves the problems associated with conception, studies and diagnoses reproductive disorders, prescribes the most appropriate schemes for the treatment of infertility.


In the early stages of infertility treatment, men and women are invited to undergo examinations and, if necessary, a course of therapy aimed at stimulating natural conception. If the standard protocols for the treatment of primary (secondary) infertility and non-invasive procedures do not have results, the reproductive doctor may suggest a couple to use the possibilities of reproductive medicine. It is this specialist who helps every barren couple to find an individual solution of the problem.


Assisted reproductive technology (ART) - is the common name for infertility treatment methods in which individual or all stages of conception and early embryo development are performed outside the woman's body.

Difficult ART procedures are often the only solution for families who have already undergone various options for the treatment of infertility, but have not achieved the desired pregnancy.

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The key to successful treatment of infertility is the correct assessment of its cause and rational management of the patient, especially at the stage of choosing a method of treatment.