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Urological treatment abroad

Urology – a clinical science about the diseases of the genitourinary system of men and women, includes the study of medical fields such as nephrology, gynecology and oncology.

The field of urology includes:

Endourology - minimally invasive urinary tract surgical procedures.


Laparoscopy - robotic surgery of the kidneys, prostate and ureters, as well as other urinary organs.


Urologic oncology is an area that specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of cancers of the bladder, kidneys, prostate, male genital organs and ureters.


Neurourology is an area focused on nerves and nerve impulses, as well as on the function of the nervous system, which affects the urogenital system. Conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, other neuromuscular disorders of the skeleton, and damage to the spinal cord can affect urinary tract function.


Andrology is a specialty focused on the male reproductive system, including infertility, erectile dysfunction and male sexual disorders.


Female-focused urology deals with conditions such as prolapse of the pubic organs, urinary incontinence and bladder hyperactivity.

There are many tests and procedures that doctors use to diagnose and treat urological problems. The most common are:

Consultation of the urologist, urological procedures and operations are shown to people who experience difficulties with the functioning of the organs of the urinary system or control of the bladder. Men who have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate gland, painful processes or cancer can use non-invasive or traditional methods of treatment. Men and women suffering from kidney infections, disorders and painful processes also need the advice of a urologist.