Check-up diagnostics in Turkey

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Check-up – such a check of basic health indicators is a preventive service, it is provided to conditionally healthy people, whom, as we may say, do not have any pain yet.

Benefits of Check-up

«Check-up» advantage of complex diagnostic tests is that you have no need to worry. The specialist of the clinic draws up a schedule for passing tests, studies, tests on the scheme, which will be effective for patient current state of health. No need to spend too much time at diagnostic centres, trying to figure out what other research you need to go through in order to not miss anything. Inspection takes place quickly, clearly, according to the plan.

In the Turkish clinics which are providing check-up services, there are specially designed diagnostic programs based on advanced research methods, which allows to check the health of a tourist in the shortest possible time (2-3 days). The results of the check-up diagnostics will either indicate problems that have not yet had time to declare themselves, or confirm that at this stage the human body is healthy and feels great.

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What doctors check in the frame of Check-up

There are various types of health checks. The choice of diagnostics that the patient will be offered to be passes will depend on such criteria as: age, gender, personal risk factors, medical history, heredity, etc. Patient can choose a full examination of the whole organism or select specific areas, for example: cardiology, gynecology, urology etc.

Risk factors vary depending on the age and patient's lifestyle (eg, smoking and lack of physical activity, addiction to sweets and alcohol, etc.). These factors strongly influence human health and the probability that he or she will suffer from some specific pathologies (heart problems, cancer, diabetes, renal failure, liver, etc.) is high.

When all the tests are passed, and the examinations are completed, doctors proceed to a detailed study of the research results. On their basis, the clinic specialist makes his detailed conclusion, in which he indicates the diagnosis, if one is made, gives detailed recommendations on the strategy for further medical observation, advice on additional examinations.

Why undergo a comprehensive examination

To detect health problems on time

Check-up programs provide an opportunity to identify dangerous diseases (including cancer) in the early stages of development, when the disease is still asymptomatic. This practice gives good predictions for the patient and seriously facilitates further treatment. In many cases, early diagnosis allows doctors to cure the disease using conservative methods with no health effects

To make sure that all is well or…

Even if you consider yourself to be a completely healthy person, sometimes there are some doubts, interferes with life plans or affects the quality of life. For example, woman of reproductive age cannot become pregnant, or a man has been suffering from coughing for many months, the origin of which is difficult to understand. In general, a person feels some changes, but does not know the cause and the possible diagnosis. To relieve anxiety, you may need to go through check-up.

Assumptions may not be confirmed but you can find out the cause of certain symptoms. Body of research leaves little chance that the disease will remain hidden from the professional view.


Dynamic observation

We all periodically pass some tests and analysis. Comprehensive diagnostics Check-up allows the doctor to see changes in health status compared with previous studies.

Complex Check-up programs include:

«Med Advisor» specialists will offer you suitable programs related to passing a check-up in Turkey. Based on your requests, we will select a clinic where you can undergo the necessary diagnostics in full. You can count on our full support, including translation of medical documentation into your native language.


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