About Med Advisor

«Med Advisor» is an independent medical travel agency that helps people from different countries to receive world-class treatment in Turkish clinics.

«Med Advisor» was created by a team of professional workers in the field of healthcare and tourism.

Our goal is to always seek for our clients the most effective modern treatment methods that can guarantee a high diagnostic result and success in subsequent treatment abroad.

The mission of the company is to make every effort and professional skills to ensure that our clients receive medical care abroad of the highest quality, without increasing the cost. And, of course, humanly, with all our heart we want our clients to maintain and improve their health, return home happy and contented.


Why we

Personal story

After unsuccessful treatment in Ukraine
Operation day
View from the window
Successful returning to the home
3 weeks after returning to the home

When it turns out that close and very Dear person is seriously ill, life seems to be divided into «before» and «after».

In 2016, after 4 years of treatment my father's kidney with the «best specialists» of Ukraine, my family and I decided to seek help from a foreign doctors.

It is easy to say - «seek for a foreign specialists», but it is much more difficult to find exactly «your» doctor. Yes, the Internet is full of different proposes, so how can we understand the level of a specialist, his competence and decency?

We were lucky. Quite by chance, I met a neurosurgeon Hakan Yakupoglu, a specialist with a capital letter and a very good person. It was he who proposed several candidacies of a doctors competent in questions of urology and left their contacts for communication. It has become, albeit small, but our first victory.

We called to Ankara on the contact we received and, explaining the problem and providing all the available results, we waited for the answer. Actually, we did not have to wait too long, doctor contacted us on the same day. According to his opinion, father was require for a surgery as soon as it was possible.

Everything was mixed in my head. I showered doctor with the most stupidest, as I now understand, questions: «Are you sure that he needs this operation? Nobody told us before that we need to make it ... Why he need this operation? Is there is any other way?»

To my great surprise, the doctor reacted to all my questions and objections quite adequately, totally in a different way than our doctors would do. Moreover, he showed truly angelic patience, explaining in detail to me why an operation is needed, what is fraught with and why it is impossible to delay. And he finished the conversation only when he became convinced that I understood everything correctly and when I calmed down.

But it was an imaginary calm. Literally ten minutes after the conversation, I was covered with a second wave of panic. How we will fly to Turkey? Where will we live? What if it is a scam? What if my father will be bad operated?

And again we had to make a difficult decision. In Ukraine, at that time, there was not a single professor, urologist, whom we could trust. Father was fading away in front of our eyes and the only right decision seemed to fly.

«Let’s fly! - we decided. “And come what may.»

Two weeks after the first conversation with the doctor, we flew to Ankara, where my father was immediately operated. Everything went well. Just a week later he returned to his usual life. And it has become our big victory. In the process of his postoperative treatment and rehabilitation, when our heads started to work clearly again, we reproached ourselves for not having done this before. During four years, father was “treated” for the already failed organ, proving to us that nothing is lost yet. All the doctors in Ankara were simply wondered how he survived.

Everything ended well, but as it turned out, for me personally this story had a very interesting continuation. Remembering all the difficulties and searches, suffering for so many years in uncertainty and having finally seen a healthy and happy father, I decided to establish my own company in the field of medical tourism. I really want to help to those who are looking for honest and good specialists abroad to find them.

During my work, I had the honour to meet a colossal number of doctors from various hospitals, with whom I work directly every day. And truly they are worth to trust them.

If as well as me you were not lucky enough to find the necessary help at home land - feel free to contact our company, write us, call us, ask questions, share your problems. We will do possible (and impossible!), but we will find the best doctor according to your needs, we will facilitate communication with him/her, and in case of your arrival we will provide the most comfortable conditions taking into account all your wishes.

Together with us you will feel yourself easy and calm. And believe me, this is already a half of the future Great Victory.


«Med Advisor» team.

Founder of the company & Representatives