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The calculation of the cost of medical services in Turkey

One of the advantages of medical tourism in Turkey — low, affordable prices. Treatment and diagnosis in Turkish clinics cost 30-50% cheaper than in Israel, Germany, and Spain. In this case, the therapy is carried out according to the same protocols.

The cost of treatment in Turkey depends on many factors:

The choice of medical direction and clinic, the amount of laboratory research, procedures, the complexity of the prescribed treatment regimen, and much more. To make the most accurate calculation of services, first of all our coordinator carefully examines the medical documentation provided by the patient. Based on it, a preliminary individual treatment program is being developed in Turkey. Further, the package of documents falls into the hands of specialists of the clinic chosen by the patient. Doctors make a list of all necessary examinations and other medical procedures. The patient receives the final payment only after processing all the submitted primary documentation and agreeing on the course of treatment. The invoice is issued directly by the financial department of the clinic, in strict accordance with the current official price list.

Calculating the cost of treatment

Sometimes it happens that after the initial examination of the patient in the clinic, the treatment regimen is adjusted by the doctor. And depending on the new appointments, the cost of services may also vary. The cost estimate will increase if any latent diseases that require additional examinations and treatment were identified during treatment. Or decrease, if in the course of treatment and rehabilitation it turns out that the patient does not need the previously prescribed procedures and can be sent to discharge faster than planned. All adjustments related to the cost are made directly by clinics and exclusively for medical reasons, with the patient being informed about the expected changes. To get full information about prices, calculate the cost of treatment, please fill in the online application form on our website or call us at the phone numbers listed on the contact page.
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