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Preparatory stage Treatment stage Final stage

Acquaintance and choice of treatment strategy

  • 1.You leave a request indicating the problem

  • 2.Med Advisor studies your appeal and contacts you

  • 3.The Med Advisor сoordinator offers the best solutions to your problem

Acquaintance and choice of treatment strategy

Contact us in any way convenient for you. Describe the essence of the medical problem that needs to be solved. Our coordinator will carefully review the request and will contact you as soon as possible in order to ask additional questions and obtain the missing information regarding to the medical history.

All received medical documentation will be translated into English or Turkish by a professional translator and sent to a foreign specialist. You may have to supplement your package with more «fresh» results of surveys and analyses. Next, the doctor studies the information, advises, gives his expert opinion. First of all, the question of whether the patient needs to go abroad for treatment is solved or whether the medical issue can be resolved in the country of residence.

If it is decided that the treatment should take place directly in Turkey, the coordinator will select for you the most appropriate specialized clinic, with the best doctors in the area that is necessary in your particular case. Based on the recommendations of the doctor and your wishes, the coordinator develops for you an individual, medically optimal treatment and rehabilitation program abroad.

Our company helps the patient to make a decision that in stressful situations it can be impossible to make independently, even if there is an all-knowing Internet at the hand.

Preparatory stage Treatment stage Final stage
Treatment stage

Organization of the trip. Flight. Process of the treatment.

  • 4.Your coordinator approves the treatment program with you and helps to prepare your trip

  • 5.Our employee will meet you at the airport, accompany you to the hospital or to the hotel

  • 6.You are going through the treatment in close contact with our representative

Organization of the trip. Flight. Process of the treatment.

We are not only choosing the best options for your treatment in Turkey, but also take care of all organizational issues not directly related to medical care. During the period of stay and treatment abroad, you are accompanied by a personal medical coordinator who is fluent in English and Turkish. You can contact him or her 24 hours a day.

In addition, our representatives:

If necessary, we are ready to help in choosing a hotel, booking a room, finding the most profitable flight and purchasing a ticket for it. During your stay, you will be given a Sim-card of the Turkish operator to communicate with the coordinator and relatives.

Preparatory stage Treatment stage Final stage
Final stage

Completion of treatment. Hospital discharge. Recommendations.

  • 7.After the examination or treatment is completed, a Med Advisor representative helps you prepare all the necessary documents for discharge.

  • 8.An employee of the company informs you and your loved ones about further actions, postoperative care

  • 9.During the entire treatment process and upon returning home, Med Advisor stays in touch with you 24/7

What steps are need to be taken if you wish to be treated in Turkey

When all the planned stages of the examination and / or treatment are successfully completed, the important moments of the patient discharge came. The coordinator helps you to get all the medical documents translated in a such way that you can, if necessary, use them in the healthcare institutions of your country. Our employee, together with the attending doctor, will inform you and your family about all subsequent actions, about how to behave in the postoperative period, what kind of care is needed.

If the medicines have been prescribed for a long time of use, we will contact the doctor to inform him about your health condition and we will inform you about the adjustment of the treatment regimen, if it is necessary.

We are together with you from the beginning of treatment until your fully recover!

What steps are need to be taken if you wish to be treated in Turkey

1. Decide on the medical institution

Our catalogue contains proven Turkish clinics, whose quality of services is confirmed internationally. Difficult to choose? Contact the coordinator of the company «MedTurism», he will offer you options that best fit your situation and wishes.

2. Collect medical records

From the medical facility, which you have chosen, you will receive an indicative list of selected procedures and their costs. This will help you to plan your costs. For preliminary information, the clinic should be provided with extracts from medical records and the results of previous examinations and analyses. Consultants of our company will assist in translating the information provided for a more complete understanding of the receiving side.

3. Decide exactly when you can travel for a treatment

We will coordinate your stay in the selected clinic within the agreed time frame.

4. Collect documents to enter Turkey

Residents of most of the CIS can visit Turkey without a visa. The presence of a passport is required. Guests in Turkey can stay a maximum of 90 days for six months - 180 days. If your treatment program is designed for longer periods, our specialists will help you with obtaining a temporary residence permit. As for residents of another countries ‐ please, check the rules before planning your visit to Turkey. If you need any help ‐ you can write us an email and we will find the answer for you!

We accompany our clients around the clock, seven days in a week, solving any questions that may arise during preparation, the trip itself and even after it. Our main concern is that no organizational issues distract you from the main thing ‐ your health. And you don’t need to worry about money, because our support is free for all customers of the company.

Frequently asked Questions

Not everyone knows that the Turkish medical field is not inferior to the tourist one in terms of the level and quality of service. Visitors from many countries go to Ankara not to rest, but to take advantage of local medical care, which, winning in comparison with many other countries in terms of quality and in terms of costs as it is much more less than in the other countries.

Not many people know, but Turkey is currently among the top three in terms of the level of medical care.

In addition, its standards are universal for both local and visiting citizens. You will not feel the difference from the Turkish residents of any part of the selection of health care providers, either in terms of their payment, including available discounts and bonuses. It is not surprising that various humanitarian funds of the post-Soviet space often prefer Turkey, knowing that even with a lack of funds for treatment, doctors will do everything possible to help those in need.

Do you think that it looks too good to be true? However, this is the very reality that people need in search of health, faith, and solutions to their problems.

If the examination takes more than 1 day, your relatives can stay at the hotel of the clinic, in any hotel or apartment - at your discretion. Our coordinator will help you choose and book the most convenient accommodation option.

If the examination takes less than 1 day, medical centers often offer comfortable rest rooms at the clinic, where your family can recover between or after the procedure.

Representatives of our company will provide meeting and accompaniment of arrived to the place of treatment or residence.

At the medical facility, you will always be accompanied by an attendant with knowledge of Russian and / or English, so that the treatment and stay will be as accessible and understandable to you as possible.

It all depends on the scale of the required survey and the standards of the medical institution that conducts it. Most often, when the manipulation or analysis does not provide for a complicated research procedure, results will be ready immediately. Otherwise, as soon as they are ready, they will be sent to your email address.

The doctor, who monitors the course of the survey, will definitely explain the data to you. He can also determine a program of further actions for you or recommend you necessary doctors. Very often, patients continue research and directly treatment at home land. At the same time, there is always an opportunity to turn to other specialists both abroad and at home.

We are available to our customers around the clock, 24/7, on weekdays and weekends. The company regulates both regular and emergency situations as part of your stay and treatment abroad. The personal attendant is always ready to join you and help to cope with any situation.

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