Service «Second opinion» in Turkey clinics

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When a doctor is not completely sure about your diagnosis, he recommends a complicated surgical intervention, a serious procedure or an expensive treatment, it is reasonable to get advice from another expert. In medical circles, this practice has received the name - «Second opinion».

What does the service «Second opinion» mean

The second opinion is an independent professional analysis of the diagnosis made to the patient and an assessment of the appropriateness of the prescribed treatment by another medical professional.

After the initial consultation and diagnosis with a doctor, the patient has the right to seek and undergo the same assessment process with another doctor to determine whether the first diagnosis is accurate and whether the prescribed treatment plan can be considered the most effective and efficient.

This process is considered in many countries as a standard practice in health care, especially for the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening or incurable diseases.

Often, patients looks for a second opinion in clinics outside of their country. And as practice shows, companies which are working in medical tourism, namely foreign medical experience often becomes a panacea for a person in the fight against serious diseases that cannot be cured at home for a number of reasons, mainly related to the low level of development of domestic science and technology.

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When it is important to get a second opinion:

You can get a second competent opinion from doctors of any specialties.

Depending on the medical field and patient requests, a second opinion service may include:


Service «Second Opinion» in Turkey clinics

When a second opinion helps to the patient to choose the right path to healing


The diagnosis is «under the question»

When we are coming to the doctor room, we always hope that we will come out with a clear diagnosis and the right treatment. But this is not always happening like that. Even taking into account the research and painstakingly collected history, doctors can often be too careful in diagnosing the disease. And this is always additional stress for the patient.

Why is the diagnosis questionable? The reasons may be different. Perhaps there are no pronounced symptoms that could be attributed to a specific disease, sometimes an imperfect technique is to blame, or the doctor may not have the proper experience and qualifications, or doctor is simply afraid to make a mistake. In any case, an unclear, not accurate, «difficult» diagnosis is an indication for obtaining a second opinion.

Long-term treatment has been done, but the disease does not recede

If you have been treated, but the symptoms continue and a disease does not recede, it may be time to seek advice from various doctors and specialists. Too often, people do not protect themselves, stop fighting for their own health, resign themselves to the fact, that they always have to live with chronic pain or unpleasant sensations. But remember, that the only way to get a treatment that works - is to make a correct diagnosis. Therefore, if you do not feel better, and your symptoms do not go away – consult doctors for to get a second opinion.

Complicated disease

When to a person is given one of the most serious and deadly diagnoses in modern medicine – a malignant tumor or cancer, the first thing that we recommend you to do – is to hear the opinion of another specialist.

Obtaining additional opinions increases the likelihood that a sick person will leave with the best possible treatment plan.

For people who are diagnosed with «cancer» the «second opinion» service helps to get answers to very important questions:


Dangerous surgery and heavy chemotherapy impact

Obtaining a second opinion is vital if the recommended treatment is risky, includes surgery, severe chemotherapy, is invasive and / or may have consequences for the rest of your life. If the operation is not an emergency and there is time to assess the situation, it is better to explore all possible treatment options. There is always a chance that a doctor who is in another medical «dimension» and who has more modern knowledge and technology, will be able to offer you unexpected, minimally invasive procedures. And this in turn minimizes the area of intervention in the body and the degree of tissue injury. If another expert confirms that the operation is the only and correct way of treatment, you will lie down on the operating table without fear, with firm confidence that this is the right step to recovery.

The opinion of the second expert helps the person to understand:


Diagnostic failures

Diagnostic mistakes are one of the most common reasons why patients have to overcome a long way from the start of treatment to recovery. Incorrect diagnosis - is the inability to provide accurate and timely explanation of health problems. In the international medical community, this is seen as a missed opportunity to make a correct or timely diagnosis based on the available data.

Such mistakes are especially critical in the diagnosis of malignant tumours. With these diseases it is a matter of months, therefore it is extremely important to give to the patient the most correct treatment regimen, using modern advances in this field of medicine.

Frequently asked questions about the service «Second opinion»

Today, second opinion can be obtained remotely, just online. Or you can fly to Turkey for a treatment, visit the clinic directly and get a personal consultation from a doctor.

Remote service second opinion patients, as a rule, chosen in cases when patient is not require the appointment of a specific treatment.

Without leaving the apartment, you can get advice from highly qualified doctors. Experts will get acquainted with your medical history, documentation and give an official conclusion. In this way, you will receive answers to questions that concern you: whether the correct diagnosis is made, whether the treatment is optimally prescribed, whether there is an alternative to surgery, what diagnostic and treatment procedures you actually need, whether the predictions are correct, etc.

If the question is about starting or continuing the treatment that the doctor should prescribe, you will have to fly to Turkey for personal consultation.

You can contact us in any way convenient for you, our consultants will carefully listen to all your questions and give you the most specific recommendations, taking into account those medical problems that need to be resolved.

After receiving your medical history, as a rule, a doctor need 3-5 business days to review the documents and submit his opinion in writing.

All documents please provide in the language you have.

Service coordinator will carefully consider your request for a «second opinion» and select the most appropriate medical expert in the area of interest to consider. You can request a particular specialist, we will try to satisfy this desire, but we cannot guarantee that a doctor will be available (for example, the doctor went to the medical training in the United States or he is simply ill).

Accessibility is one of the main advantages of this procedure.

If the patient is not able to fly to Turkey, but wishes to receive recommendations for further treatment, in this case the cost of the “second opinion” service is paid according to the tariff of the clinic where the doctor works. The maximum cost of consultation is 200 dollars.

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